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The new KUDA CUTTING SYSTEM offers the state-of-the-art cutting workflow solution for printers and print finishing operations alike.  The system comprises of the Kuda Power Lift, Kuda Jogger, Kuda Paper Cutter, and Kuda Unloader.  Ergonomically built, with the Operator in mind, the Kuda Cutting System is designed to be fully and easily adaptable to fit your individual workflow requirements - fully compatible with the Kuda K115, K137 and K176 cutters.

Solid construction, smart integration of the latest technologies and innovations, and the built-in speed and accuracy of the operation are key to success of the Kuda Cutting System as a highly dependable and productiive workhorse in the post-press environment today and long into the future.


Automatic feeding with time and labour saving features, loading/unloading and stacking of piles for further processing with speed and precision.


Model: Kuda LG2 Unloader
Max. sheet size: 37 3/8" x 49"
Suitable for: Kuda K115 and K137

Model: Kuda LG3 Unloader
Max. sheet size: 48 " x 64 1/2"
Suitable for: Kuda K176


High speed, unmatched accuracy, ease of operation, tomorrow's technology for today's finishing department are only a few of the fine features of Kuda Cutters.

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Equipped with air removal feature, the Kuda Jogger prepares new piles with great accuracy and speed ensuring continuous and efficient cutting process.


Model: Kuda JP2 Jogger
Max. sheet size: 35 7/16" x 45 1/4"
Suitable for: Kuda K115

Model: Kuda LG3 Jogger
Max. sheet size: 44 1/2" x 57 1/16"
Suitable for: Kuda K115 and K137


Featuring ease of operation, heavy-duty construction, ergonomic design for efficient and safe stock handling as a stand-alone or a part of a Kuda System.


Model: Kuda LT2 Power Lift
Max. sheet size: 31 1/2" x 47 1/4"
Suitable for: Kuda K115

Model: Kuda LT3 Power Lift
Max. sheet size: 41 3/8" x 57"
Suitable for: Kuda K115 and K137



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