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The New Generation of Smart Cutters

The KUDA Paper Cutting System is built to address today’s new high expectation in performance
and dependability both in printshops and bindery environments alike. Featuring high speed
precision, the KUDA line is the new generation of smart paper cutters boasting a winning
combination of advanced technology, heavy-duty construction and ease of operation.

Designed from the ground up using the most advanced components from around the world,
K-North, Inc. has developed the KUDA to outperform its competitors both in operator safety as well
as performance. The KUDA CL is feature packed with many extras either unavailable or optional
with other machines.

Maximum speed of 45 cycles per minute with cutting accuracy of 1/100 mm, super fast backgauge
speed, programmable clamp pressure, and a large 15-in TFT Touch Screen are standard specifications
on the KUDA CL model. Ball screw technology, fully guarded slotless rear table, chromed table
surface and extra large cast iron side tables highlight the rugged construction for greater operator
safety and longevity of service.


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