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The KUDA CL controls various settings directly from the TFT computer touch screen. The CE uses an adjusting control knob. A false clamp comes standard and can be installed from the front. The clamp pedal features a soft clamp pressure setting for safety. Clamp pressures are variable from 330 lbs to 9,920 lbs.


All KUDA models have knife speeds of 45 cycles per minute. The actuation of the knife is via a hydraulic clutch - simple, reliable and extremely low on maintenance. The knife-head features an additional safety latch ensuring added operator protection. An overload device is built in to the linkage in case of over-stress to the knife. Finally, a totally enclosed worm-gear box drives the knife. Other than oil changes, the gear box requires no maintenance.


KUDA has simplified what was a complicated task by utilizing an elevator lift device to install the knife. With special tool supplied, now knife changing can be carried out quickly and safely. The knives are extra thick with 18% Tungsten inlays.

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