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KUDA CL is supplied with a 15” LCD TFT Touch Screen display. A variety of menus including cutting, maintenance, knife changing, as well as clamp pressure can be utilized. The Kuda CE features an 8.4" color LCD display, and progammable cutting formats, maintenance, and knife changing functions. The US built computer includes a USB port for easy up-loading and down-loading of data, with unlimited memory accessible through the USB port.


With backgauge speeds of a phenomenal 11 ¾” per second (30 cm/sec), one expects total constant accuracy. The KUDA accomplishes this using two hardened and ground precision linear guideways and “Ball Screw” technology in place of the more traditional lead screw and nut. Owing to almost zero backlash the ball screw provides accuracy of 1/100th mm for long life. The Ball Screw design incorporates a precision ground screw encircled with ball bearings which is constantly taking up any variance due to forward and backward motion of the backgauge. The backgauge glides on top of the bed using the guideways and not the table itself for support. Fuji servo drive, an industry standard for accuracy, drives the backgauge.


KUDA features solid rear table without the center slot. Although a cheaper alternative than a solid table, the slot has potential to allow paper dust entering the lead screw. Furthermore, a slotless table makes spinning piles easier as there is no possibility for paper to catch. The main table as well as the extra large “cast Iron” side tables, are supplied standard with air and are fully hardchromed to prevent rust and eliminate the need for waxing.

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