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The new KUDA C-106S AUTOPLATEN, the latest offering from the Kuda Finishing Line, features the latest in automation and is designed to easily meet today's demands in the finishing houses and commercial printing operations alike.  With the latest in electronics and innovative features, the new Kuda C-106S Autoplaten offers quick setup for various jobs,via Touch-screen console, pneumatic lock system for safety and fast change-over, centerline wtih tranversal micro adjustment for accurate registration, vacuum feed table for stable and smooth feeding of a wide range of substrates, and automatic stripping system.


Max. sheet size:
1060 mm x 760 mm
42" x 30"

Min. sheet size:
450 mm x 370 mm
17 11/16" x 14 1/2

Max.diecutting size:
1045 mm x 745 mm
41 1/8" x 29 5/16"

Max. force:  300 tons

Max. diecutting speed: 7500 sph

Substrates handled: 80-120g/m2
120-2000 g/m2 cardboard,
0.1 - 2mm cardboard,
4mm corrugated E, B flute



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